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Friday, June 28, 2013

384-65 +82SilentLand go along

오늘도 이렇게 그냥 저냥 하루를 보내고
텅 빈 마음 애써 끌어안고
적막함이 싫어 낯선 노래들로 공기 가득 채우고
주섬히 어지러진 옷들과 책과 붓가지들은 제자리에 옮기고
멍하니 침대에 앉아 또 다시 멍하니 무언가를 그리고 나면
잠시 잠깐의 스친 시간은 아홉시를 가르키고
얼마 남지 않은 시간에 정신없이 약속한 일들을 하나 둘 정리하고
지친 몸뚱아리 부둥킨 채 고요한 새벽 바람 사이를 달린다.

익숙한 익숙하지 않은 설레임의 가로수 사이에 안쓰러운 내가 있다.

다시금 적막의 공기 속으로 돌아와
제자리가 무심한 제자리를 잃은 또 다시 널브러진 책들과 캔버스와 물먹은 붓들사이에 주저앉아 숨을 고르고

익숙한 몸짓으로 젖은 옷을 벗고
익숙한 몸짓으로 젖은 몸을 씻어내고
익숙한 몸짓으로 침대에 파고들어

나른한 몸 가득 매운 샴푸향기에 취해

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Poulet aux prunes , Chicken with Plums , 2011

Poulet aux prunes , Chicken with Plums , 2011 



 Vincent Paronnaud, Marjane Satrapi


 Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud,


 Mathieu Amalric, Edouard Baer, Maria de Medeiros |See full cast and crew
Storyline: Nasser-Ali, a talented musician, loses the will to live after his wife breaks his beloved violin during an argument. He searches for a replacement, and finding none that sounds quite the same, he vows to die. Eight days later, he does. This is the story of his last week of life, where we see flashbacks and flash forwards of his previous life and his children’s futures. We also see appearances of a nude Sophia Loren as well as the angel of death, Azarel. As we see his life, we realize exactly why he chose to end it and the profundity of this choice.



Saturday, June 22, 2013



어지러운 감성과 퍼덕이는 날개들 사이에서 조금이나마 남은  혼을 붙잡고 한걸음 내딛어보려 한다.
숨이 막혀 찌릿한 고통에 종일 미간을 찡그리겠지만, 이 순간이 마지막이라 지금은 결코 오지 않으리라
허공에 흩날리는 너를 잡아보려, 잡히지 않을 너를 애써 움켜쥐려 양 손 가득 뻗어 휘저어 너를 찾는다.
바람은 바람으로서 날리자던 다짐은 물거품에 안녕을 맞이한체 또 다시 억지에 억지를 얹은다.

Silent Land / Wish / Daily Dairy

그림 그리고 싶다.
It is a wish

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Trauma & Mental Health Report

The Trauma & Mental Health Report
The Trauma & Mental Health Report
The Trauma & Mental Health Report

어쩌면 조금이나마 나에게 도움이 될 수 있을 것 같다.


Derogatory language hurts when an individual is diagnosed with a mental illness.  And few mental illnesses provoke such derision and insensitivity as schizophrenia.
Opinions about the disorder are often strongly held, such as those of Chris Summerville, executive director of the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, who argues that “calling a person ‘a schizophrenic’ is like calling a black person the ‘n’ word,”  presumably due to the dehumanizing nature of such labelling.
What is it about the term schizophrenia that provokes such strong reactions?
Since its discovery, schizophrenia has been one of the most difficult and complex psychological disorders to treat.  The modern-day term schizophrenia, meaning “splitting of the mind” was coined in 1908 by psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler.  This new diagnostic name replaced psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin’s term “dementia praecox” which focused on early onset and poor prognosis, instead of what Bleuler considered to be the universal underlying problem:  splitting of the basic functions of personality (a feature we no longer view as associated with schizophrenia).

Although schizophrenia is now considered mainly a neurological disorder,  the new vulnerability-stress framework used in treatment, acknowledges that biological, psychological and environmental factors influence its onset and prognosis.

Widespread unfamiliarity with the realities of schizophrenia has been shown to cause fear and discomfort in interacting with those suffering from the disorder.  In a 2008 survey conducted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, only 43 percent of respondents said they would tell their friends if they had schizophrenia; 27 percent admitted that they might be embarrassed if a family member had the disorder.  And, 64 percent of respondents still incorrectly believed that split or multiple personalities are characteristic of schizophrenia.
What do these data suggest about the role the label itself plays in the lives of patients diagnosed with the disorder?
In 2002, the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology changed the old term for the disorder “Seishin Bunretsu Byo” which translates to “mind-split-disease” to the new term of “Togo Shitcho Sho” or “integration disorder” to better accommodate the new vulnerability-stress model.  According to Sato Mitsumoto, a professor of psychiatry at Tohoko Fukushi University, the renaming was focused on removing the deep rooted negative image that is commonly associated with schizophrenia.
Being diagnosed with schizophrenia is a life-altering event that produces a powerful emotional response for patients and their families.  It still comes with considerable stigma infused with strong social, cultural, and emotional meanings; meanings that come to shape and define the individual’s expectations and experiences with the disorder.  Mitsumoto cites this as a leading reason why Japanese mental health professionals were refraining from diagnosing patients with the old term.
The renaming, reported to have had positive outcomes for patients suffering with “Togo Shitcho Sho” raises the question:  Could doing away with the term schizophrenia, for a different label, promote less stigmatization in North America as well?
In 2011, Tomer Levin, a psycho-oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center proposed that a new bio-psychosocial name, Neuro-Emotional Integration Disorder (NEID) could impact patient education and attitudes towards medications and treatments.  He argued that emphasizing the neuropsychiatric basis of this treatable brain disorder through its re-labelling could reduce this disorder’s stigma.

Levin also emphasized the need for a universal term with easy translatability along with multicultural and global acceptability.  While the Japanese term may be translated into English, he questioned the ease with which other cultures might be able to adopt the new terminology.
While Levin argued that the re-naming would be a vital step in the de-stigmatization process, other researchers like David Penn and Amy Dummond, of the University of North Carolina, stated that even if the label were changed,  if continually paired with the disorder, the new term would also become stigmatizing.
Penn and Drummond believed that more important in de-stigmatizing schizophrenia than a change of terminology was an increase in public education focused on the compassion and de-stigmatization of the real challenges with which people with schizophrenia are faced.
Schizophrenia may be chronic in many cases but it is also manageable, and a variety of treatments are available to those who need them.
For people to live healthy, successful, socially active lives, it is necessary that a person does not “become” their disorder.  Summerville’s view is that calling a person  a “schizophrenic” removes the characteristics defining that person’s identity, his humanity.
-Jana Vigor, Contributing Writer

Alite makes going outside simple.

We're a small group of rabblerousers that wants you to go outside more! Since our home base is San Francisco we know first hand that city living is a lame excuse for being cooped up. Magical outdoor fun is all around us, no matter the location. And we make a bunch of cool stuff that helps you get out there!

Our outdoor gear can be found in any fine outdoor retailer nationwide. (Here’s a list!) If you’re not near any of these retailers, you can always pick up any Alite products online in the Alite web store. AND, if you are a Bay Area native, then we highly encourage you to visit the Alite Outpost, our local retail storefront, on Fridays from 12-6pm, located at 2505 Mariposa Street. If you are brand new to the world of camping and outdoor, then come talk to us about your upcoming outdoor excursion ideas, figure out the proper gear for your next trip, and ask about good places to go as you venture into the fresh air!

Our Commitment to Excellent Design
Alite Designs is all about well-designed products that are extremely functional and ridiculously fun and easy to use. Our award-winning Monarch chair weighs a mere pound, collapses to the size of super burrito for easy travel, and can sit on almost any terrain (level or not). Our Sexy Hotness sleeping bags let you walk around, use the outdoor lavatory, and zip up with other fellow (or fella) Sexy Hotness sleeping bag inhabitants to make room for two! Hell, you can zip as many bags together as you like… we don’t judge. And our outdoor cooking utensil, the Clover Cook set, includes both a stirring spoon and spatula that combine to form tongs! This utensil nails all of your cooking needs in one handy set of utensils that nest together for easy organization and portability. All products from Alite are designed to get you excited about going outside!

Our Commitment to Community
Alite Designs is very much about promoting our wonderful Bay Area community! We make a point to work with local, like-minded makers and organizations to produce amazing collaborative products, promote fun events, and raise money for causes that are close to us. We also practice ethical, sustainable manufacturing processes and produce special product lines exclusively here in San Francisco.

About Tae KimAlite Designs was founded by Tae Kim. He grew up in Alaska, and we think the prolonged periods of long days and longer nights may have loosened a few screws in his skull. As a young man, when Tae wasn’t trying to win a date with one of the only three females living in Alaska, he was following his crazy Alaskan uncle on expeditions into the wilderness. (Think Grizzly Man with a twist of Mr. Rogers, and you have an idea of Tae’s uncle.) These education trips into nature were the genesis of his love for the outdoors. In order to encourage this same passion in others, Tae started designing for the outdoor market. He spent eight years as design director for The North Face before starting Alite Designs. The idea behind Alite is to encourage easy outdoor activity that doesn’t require a passport, all-weather apparel, and sharp metal objects for scaling death-defying gradients. If the outdoor activity proves more difficult than finding a beach, setting up a chair, and popping the top on a longneck, then Alite generally steers clear. As creative director, Tae conceives and oversees all product design for Alite.
Though Alite has only been producing products for three years, you can already observe the influence of Tae Kim’s designs in the outdoor market through the proliferation of walk-around sleeping bags to ultra lightweight, collapsible furniture.
Tae Kim is also founder and creative director for Boreas Gear, an adventure backpack and gear company also based in San Francisco.

푸른 잔디밭과 푸른 하늘
스치는 바람과 포근한 햇빛
너와 함께하는 시간 그리고 추억이라는 단어의 기억

자연에서의 기록들로 이루어진 지금의 ALITE
손으로 이루어지는 과정과 결과의 값을 매길 수 없는 상품들

알래스카에서의 기록,기억,추억
샌프란시스코에서의 활동,시작,생산
가벼움과 편리함. 기능과 재미를 토대로 디자인된다,

Bike to the Beach with this Convertible Backpack from Alite


Alite launches their Bike to the Beach Bag – designed as a convertible backpack and tote bag. Despite the name, it’s not all about biking – the ease of changing up styles as desired is something many want in an ideal bag. Made in San Francisco, California, the bag features soft cowhide leather and 18 oz duck canvas. Three interior pockets in different sizes makes it easy for organization and transportation.  Now available in three different colors – natural, tan and navy for $135 at Alite.

베이직과 클래식
두 단어가 참 잘 어울린다.
기본 실루엣과 레더 스트랩이 모두다.
탄성의 디테일은 없다.
단지, 그 두가지만으로 충분하다.

FASHION aison Martin Margiela Leather Phone Pouches

Maison Martin Margiela
If you’re jonesing to give your phone the Maison Martin Margiela treatment, this soft pebble grain leather phone pouch from Margiela’s 11 Fall Winter 2012 collection is designed to hold an iPhone or similar dimensioned phone. Dual functioning – in that it can be used as a wallet. Tuck away your personal belongings in the credit card sized outside compartment on one side, while the other features a press button compartment perfect for keys or coins. Available for purchase here.


Trunk Clothiers London Launch New Homewares & Accessories Store – Trunk LABS

Trunk Clothiers

Trunk Clothiers London announce their latest project. Launching this weekend, we get a preview of Trunk LABS, “a new accessories shop from the award-winning Trunk Clothiers featuring a lovingly curated range of the best accessories from Japan, Australia, Germany, Italy, the UK and beyond.” Located a few doors down from its big brother in Marylebone, look out for carefully chosen homewares and bits n’ bobs from the likes of Aesop, Brooklyn Museum, Comme des Garçons, Common Projects, Eye Respect, Futagami, Ichizawa Hanpu, Rimowa, Tender Co., Valextra and many more top names. Head to our gallery for the tour.

 런던의 편집숍
또 하나의 놀라운 편집숍이오 픈했다.
편암함이 묻어나는 인테리어와 악세사리들..
흔히 접하기 어려운 아이템들과 브랜드들로 가득하다.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I wish couldn't feel/daily dairy/2013.06.06

어렵다. 누군가를 만나 그 누군가를 알아가고, 그 누군가로 행복해지고, 
그 누군가에게 바라게 되는데 결국 혼자 어쩔줄 모르다,
결국, 그 누군가에게 상처받고, 결국 또 다시 잠궈 버린다.
반복에 반복

I wish couldn't feel